Sunday, May 1, 2011

Frank Politics - Interview with Sloan Callen, District 3 Denton City Council Campaign Volunteer Sloan Callen

One of the great things about being C.E.O. of your own blog is that you are not restricted in the range of content you wish to cover. Politics is something I am interested in, at a local and national level, so it is something that I would like to cover here.

This may manifest itself in a blow hard opinion piece or an interview like the one you are about to read. Denton City Council elections are coming up with early voting set to begin Monday. There are numerous issues facing the Denton area that has some younger citizens up in arms. Luckily there seem to be at least a couple of candidates who are representing those positions.

To find out what exactly those positions are I spoke with  Sloan Callen, a volunteer for District 3 candidate Mike Sutton. I wanted to find out not only what issues he felt affected Denton County most but also why he decided to play a roll in the candidates bid for local office.

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