Friday, August 17, 2012

1981 horror masterpiece Possession at the Texas Theater this weekend

Still riding high off the success of the first annual Oak Cliff Festival, The Texas Theater further asserts itself as one of the premiere indie theaters in the US. Albeit I haven't crossed state lines in over twenty years due to outstanding warrants across 37 of the lower 48, I can't imagine one much cooler. 

Here is the little blurb I wrote during my Halloween recommendation post, let's see if there is anything to add...  

" The story plays out like a traditional infidelity drama until the beautiful Isabelle Adjani begins a sexually charged epileptic fit amid daytime traffic. As her finger nails begin to bleed and the milk like vomit propels from her mouth you know the "other man" might be working with a little something extra. Driven by a scenery chewing performance by Sam Neil as a family man whose wife, played impeccably by Adjani, may or may not be having an affair with an other worldy demon.Great psychological drama with some old fashioned monster movie scares as well. The creature in the film was designed by the same team that created E.T. Go figure."

Yeah I think that will do it. Try to do all you can to make it out. The movie was never released on DVD in the US. The only way I saw it was by picking it up by accident, thinking I was renting Polanski's Repulsion. I was pretty stoned. I am glad I was because this has become one of my favorites over the years. The perfect mix of Virginia Woolf, Rosemary's baby, Giallo and judo chops to the chest. 

Here is a link to buy tickets. I will be at all the screenings. Just look for the short hairy man in a trench coat and ankle monitor. The trailer below kinda has spoilers so don't watch it if you want to be surprised by things.