Thursday, August 19, 2010

Opening this Weekend

On Thursday I will post all the movies opening over the weekend that I feel like are worthy of mentioning. Still thinking of a clever title for this feature.

Jean-luc Godard - Angelika Dallas

If you are visiting this blog I have a feeling you are all ready familiar with this, the poster child for the French New-Wave. This is the fiftith anniversary of the film with an all new restoration. The film will be released on Blu-ray via Criterion later next month. Highly recommended you check this out in the theater, it probably won't be here very long...

Jean Micheal Basquiat: The Radiant Child
Tamra Davis - Angelika Dallas

I'll have a review of this one up by the end of the weekend.

Cairo Time
Rubba Nadda - Angelika Plano and Dallas

Winnebago Man
Ben Steinhauer - Angelika Dallas

The Switch
Josh Gordon and Will Speck - Angelika Dallas and Plano

Now I know that this may seem a little out of place here but I thought I would include it because it has the potential of being a decent movie that is being packaged as a light rom-com to help spur ticket sales. Other than the likeable and taltented B-list cast, the script is based on a short story by Jeffrey Eugenides, author one of the greatest modern novels, Middlesex and one successful film adaptation (Virgin Suicides). This might suck but it might be an under the radar gem.

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