Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At the Movies Friday Nov. 5

On Wednesdays I will be posting films that will be opening the upcoming weekend that I feel are worthy of note. The films will be listed by my interest in seeing the films in descending order. Meaning the movie at the top of the post is the one to see if you are making plans and the one at the bottom is worth noting but more than likely is lame. If anyone is looking at this and has any feedback to offer please do so in the comments section. Still trying to think of a clever name for this feature, please help.

Opening Friday

Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould
2009 - Michèle Hozer & Peter Raymont
Angelika Dallas

I wasn't too familiar with the titular composer before seeing the amazingly well crafted film Thirty-Two Short Films about Glenn Gould. Gould is an interesting subject because even though he had all the trappings of a tortured artist, in reality the guy was pretty down to Earth, if not with out his quirks. The aforementioned film while informative was no where near a complete picture of the man as a person so I hope this documentary will fill in some of the gaps that us classic music nativities might have about the man and his work.

A Film Unfinished
2010 - Germany - Yael Hersonski
Angelika Dallas

Oh great another documentary about Nazis. If you happen to frequent the documentary section of your local library I am sure you are familiar the amount of titles focused on those scum bags. I am a sucker for archival/restored footage, no matter how depressing the subject matter. Did you happen to check out Hidden Fuhrer: Debating the Enigma of Hitler's Sexuality, I really felt like that should be the release to close the book on the Third Reich reflections but the subject seems to be as omni-potent as the natural gas pockets being tapped across central Texas.

Inside Job
2010 - USA - Charles Ferguson
Angelika Dallas, Plano

Oh great another movie about how fucked up our financial infrastructure is. I doubt this will be news to any one who reads the Washington Post on a somewhat regular basis but hopefully the narrative of the film is told with enough style to get some of the less enlightened into the theater seats. I'm sure having Matt Damon do the voice over work doesn't hurt either.

Tamara Drewe
2010 - England - Stephen Frears
Angelika Dallas, Plano

I picked up the collection of Tamara Drewe comics for a buck or so at a Half Priced Books bargain counter after reading some positive press over the English soap-comic. This trailer looks pretty horrific and paints the movie to be a stereotypical cheeky rom-com, but to their credit the English do seem to do them better for us. You can also tell by the American accented voice over that the trailer might be dumbed down for our collective marketing demographic. Another possible saving grace is the director Stephen Frears who also directed High Fidelity. Seems like a great movie to take a date to, but the way things have been going for me recently I will probably be waiting for the DVD release.

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