Wednesday, March 9, 2011

35 Conferette : EXPOSED - Interview with Paperstain Day Show host Nick Foreman

A highlight from last year's North by Conferette was the two day Paperstain Day Show which took place just a couple of blocks away from any wristband inspectors. The shows were hosted by Dust Congress front-man and pretty good basketball player Nick Foreman. Even though the event is in no way connected to the 35c, it does work as the perfect companion piece to the larger scale festivities.

If you are too poor to afford a wristband (if you live in Denton this is probablly the case) these shows will give you the opportunity to check out some of the better local acts playing 35c along with some acts exclusive to the showcase.

Most notable from that later category is the debut performance of Most Efficient Woman playing early on Saturday. MEW features Britt Robisheaux formely of Nouns Group and one of the higlights from last year's Paperstain show, Drug Mountain. Accompanying Britt on stage (or area carpet as the case may be) are members of Drink to Victory, Zanzibar Snails and other Drug Mountain buddies. It's going to get loud in there.

The Paperstain Showcase will be held Friday and Saturday with the line ups listed below. I'll quit my jabbering, here is the interview with Nick. Check back here later for thoughts, predictions and places to sneak an in-between show doob for Day One of 35c. Get live updates via tumblr.

Frank Phosphate - How much do you hate 35C?
Nick Foreman -  not as much as daybow bow hates us on the internet

Why don't you have a catchy name for your festival?
we do. paperstain.

Complete the following analogy..
35c is to Paperstain Showcase as Justin Bieber is to _______
jonathon taylor thomas

What has been up with Paperstain since last year's showcase?
Justin and David are the ones who run it. They have put out a few records, like the new Shiny and Dust Congress records, which we both toured in support of back in the fall. Drink to Victory's record Health came out, and is great. Kampfgrounds's record is in the mastering stage and should come out soon, and Dust Congress just recorded tracks for a 7" split with Mariachi Quetzal to be released sometime this year.

How many people plus amps can you fit in your living room?
more people more amps.

How much money are you planning on making? Are you going to have enough left over to pay security?
well to tell you the truth, i leave all that up to our accountants and sponsors, like bud light, chester's chicken, and preparation h. If pressed for a ballpark figure I'd say less than one dollar. secret service will be on hand to protect a certain congressional nominee.

How much are wristbands to the Paperstain Showcase?
$85 in advance, $0 at the door.

If I buy a ticket for one band will that gain me access to others as well?8.
 no way.

Is there any onsite daycare?
A: no, but there is a street they can play in.

How serious of a hangover would you suspect the average Paperstain attendee will have Monday morning?
A: nothing some el taco naco won't cure. oh, wait it closed down because everyone is too stupid to support local businesses outside of one weekend in march.

friday, march 11
2:30- richard the lionhearted (Columbia, MO)
3:15- tex winters (Portland, OR)
4:00- old warhorse
4:45- angelus
5:30- more states (Austin, TX)
6:15- burnt sienna
7:00- dear human
7:45- shiny around the edges
8:30- kampfgrounds
9:15- kaboom (last show ever)

saturday, march 12
2:00- uptown bums
2:45- most efficient women
3:15- penny hill (oklahoma city, OK)
4:00- old snack
4:45- adventures in magnetism
5:30- brother gruesome (oklahoma city, OK)
6:15- dust congress
7:00- cuckoo byrds
7:45- drink to victory
8:30- record hop

And yes those rad posters are by none other than Nevada Hill who was also commissioned to create the official 35c mural. Way to go!

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