Sunday, December 2, 2012

Musical Advent Calendar Day Two: Gravenhurst : The Ghost in Daylight

Gravenhurst has one big pot that he uses to create a delectable musical stew fit for the Fall months. Throw in a bit of Nick Drake, a pinch of Massive Attack, a hearty dose of The Clientele and voila you have one of the hardest albums of the year to pin down. At it's core The Ghost in Daylight is a grand British folk album, but unlike most that tackle the genre he is unafraid to mix it up stylistically. Haunting and brooding but never pretentious. At least not by my standards which I'll admit are pretty loose. The sprawling second track The Prize wins it's own prize as one of my favorite tracks of the year. If you are a fan of Elliot Smith but wish he would have experimented with some different genres this album is for you.

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