Monday, December 3, 2012

Musical Advent Calendar Day Three: Daniel Johnston : Space Ducks

This year the famously unstable and genius Daniel Johnston quietly released what might his greatest collection to date. Perhaps the fact the album is an official soundtrack to Daniel's comic of the same name left some critics smirking at the cover art instead of actually listening to the album. The title tracks does in fact deal with Space Ducks and their quest to free Austin of all of the creepy people, but the rest of the album is classic weirdo heartache. What is so special about this album it that we not only get to hear Johnston's classic piano/guitar/vocal warble delivery of his heart pulverizing tunes but also we are treated to current artist rendering his words as their own. Lavender Diamond's track 'Moment of Laughter' and Elanor Friedberg's 'Come Down' are both tear jerking and remind us just how great of songwriter Johnston is.

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